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USATestprep Common Core Strategy

USATestprep provides industry-leading items types such as our Combined Assessment Modules (CAMs).

Example of our free response item.

Our most frequently heard concerns involve the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and PARCC/SBAC Testing. The USATestprep team of teachers and content experts has pored over the standards and has the product that best suits your school's need. We have aligned our test reviews with each individual state's version of the CCSS. And for those states that are in line with the generic high school level of the CCSS, we have developed new Common Core Products that best fit your classroom. These products include English I, II, III and IV and two sets of mathematics reviews: one for the standard sequence - Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Pre-Calculus; and one for the integrated sequence - Integrated Math I, II, and III. USATestprep materials now cover the breadth and depth of knowledge intended by the DOE for students to be college and career ready.

We have added numerous items to our database to assess students at a higher level. This includes incorporation of more challenging reading passages that have been recommended by the CCSSO and all-new item types. Instead of just fill-in-the-bubble, we now offer an assortment of items, including short answer and free/extended response. In addition to these standard question types, we also offer unique and deeper-level evaluations. These may ask the student to order items based on criteria, to categorize based on given information, to label based on prior knowledge, and many others. Our final item types are Combined Assessment Modules (CAMs). After studying PARCC and SBAC sample item types, we have developed corresponding modules that combine all of our item types above into one fully-developed evaluation.

These new assessment types are very powerful and can be teacher assigned. Due to our small size and flexibility, we've been able to make hundreds of these items recently, and we're making more of them every day for you and your students.

NOTE: USATestprep will ensure that the products your school purchases will remain aligned with your state's requirements for the life of your subscription. Should one of these products become obsolete (due to replacement by a Common Core version or other change in standards), we will allow you to transfer this subscription to the newly-aligned product at no additional cost as soon as it becomes available.

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