Test Questions and Dynamic Content

USATestprep offers more than practice questions. It includes games, puzzles, animations, skill-work exercises, and self-directed activities - all aligned to your state's standards, including Common Core.

Question Database

We have developed the industry's leading question database to eliminate repetitive questions and proudly offer the highest quality educational content.

Video Content

We offer thousands of instructional videos. Students can test their understanding of the videos. This is an excellent way to reinforce content when the teacher is out of the classroom.


This is our #1 feature enjoyed by students. We offer one and two-player games, arcade bonus rounds, and more.

Instant Feedback

Students get more than "right and wrong." They receive in-depth explanations that turn test-taking into true learning.

Free Response Questions

Our questions go beyond multiple choice to assess a student's deeper understanding of a topic.

Performance Task Exercises

These exercises ask students to apply their understanding of a concept by classifying, ordering, or labeling items properly.