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Five great features in our online review.

1. Teacher-Directed Learning Resource

USATestprep is not a passive "practice question machine." It is a teacher-directed learning resource that empowers teachers to develop diagnostic and remedial strategies to support individual students and the classroom as a whole.

2. Complements Your Curriculum

Our curriculum companion tool features fun, educational games and tests that provide students with immediate feedback. This interactive element shows students the program works with their strengths and weaknesses in real time.

3. Created by Teachers

Our program was created by teachers with real classroom experience. We know how beneficial it is for students to study using resources that are engaging.

4. Fits Your Budget

USATestprep is a powerful tool, packed with features to help you and your students on your state's test. However, all of these useful features are affordably priced, and many teachers are able to make purchases from classroom funds.

5. Learning Pathways

USATestprep empowers teachers to tailor a Learning Pathway to the needs of their students, integrating diagnostic assessments, individualized learning and classroom support.

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