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We are pleased to announce new versions of the Georgia Biology, Algebra, and Geometry EOCT products on our site. Here is a list of major changes.

1) Each test is now broken down into component domains.
2) New printable resources available for each domain.
3) No cost to current subscribers.

We are also doing the same with all Georgia EOCT and will have it completed by fall ’07. We made this change to provide the best possible product to help students with these tests.

Future features that are being considered were all well-received. In order of perceived value, respondents felt that the Student Remediation Tracker would be most useful. The rest in order are: Breaking down EOCT content by domain, The ability for teachers to add questions, Developing a head-to-head review game, and Audio reading of questions. We have all of these on our anticipated release schedule and will be working on them throughout the upcoming school year.

Some new features that users would value that were not in our list of anticipated changes, include (in order of most to least requested): individual topic area tutorials, individual student progress tracking, on-site help, LCD projector settings, and more printable materials. Our plans have now been modified to include many of these useful features. We anticipate making great strides over the course of the next year to meet these needs while maintaining our quality and ease-of-use. If you ever have comments, ideas or feedback on the site, please contact us directly. We appreciate all feedback from our users.

I LOVE USATestPrep! My 24 students used it every day for one hour. They were impressed with the variety of questions, ease of use, e-mail ability of system, and fun of working online. Every single one of my students passed the GHSGT this spring! All but two passed at the “pass plus” level!!! I am so thankful that my principal invested in USATestPrep for our school!!!

As of June 1, 2007, 284 subscribers completed the 14 question survey sent to all contacts of all accounts that subscribe to USATestprep for graduation/end of course online review. These users come from 147 different schools; this represents approximately 25% of all of our current users. Of the respondents, 70% came from Georgia, 10% from Alabama, 9% from South Carolina, and the remaining respondents were split from Mississippi, California, Tennessee and Nevada. The vast majority of respondents were classroom teachers, 71%. Administrators, Counselors, and Media Specialists make up the rest, at around 10% each.

The most important information that was uncovered was that 99% of respondents feel that USATestprep has helped their students review for their tests, and would recommend USATestprep to other schools.

The most valued and used resource by subscribers is the diagnostic practice test. Next, in order of usefulness and value to users are: Tutorial Practice Questions, Section Quizzes, Student Data Tracking, Quiz and Worksheet Generators, Educational Games, Matching Activities and Vocabulary Flashcards round out the top 10. The least used features include the Glossary, the Email review and, lastly, the Blog.

“I like the immediate feedback for the students; also appreciate your consideration in rewording questions when teachers send an email asking about a particular test item or questionable answer choices; Like the the different length tests so that you can incorporate review time during class based on your daily lesson plans; this site has been a wonderful resource for EOCT prep and the high school graduation test!!! Our first time test takers scored 7% higher this year than last on the GHSGT, partly due to this wonderful resource.”