We have worked for nearly three months developing this new game for students (and faculty) to play. Our goal was to create a “versus” type game where two students could play head-to-head. We brainstormed to think of some awesome playable characters to make it more enjoyable. We designed this game based on our #1 request from students, “Build more fun games.”

Tasty Tidbits:

    6 playable characters
    Single or 2 Player Mode
    Student Accounts
    High Score Board
    Power Ups
    Finishing Moves

Many Mississippi subscribers had been curious about how we were going to deal with the new frameworks that were put in place over the summer by the Department of Education for English II and Algebra I. We have been busy staying on top of these new standards and have now completed the update to the site. Upon logging in, you will see these changes to the two new tests, with the (Revised) subheading. However, you still will be able to use the standards from the old frameworks, if any of your students require testing based on these. They are listed at the top of the subject page in blue and conspicuously labeled. We hope this helps your students. Enjoy.

Much of our work this summer was spent addressing the most common request from our Georgia subscribers in our Spring survey, to further breakdown the EOCT reviews. We have now accomplished just that. After logging in to any GHSGT subject for review, you will see the two EOCT sub-tests listed at the top of the page. We have just completed breaking these down into the same content areas and percentages as indicated by the state. In addition, all EOCT reviews are up-to-date with the new Georgia Performance Standards: Physical Science and Biology, Economics and US History, 9th Grade and American Literature. We hope you are now better able to help your students with these tests as they come up at the end of this and next semester. Enjoy.

We have updated our science test to match the new AHSGE Biology test. If you subscribed to science AHSGE in the past you automatically have access to this new version. The good news is that you also still have access to the old version of the test. To use the old version, simply click on the Biology tab and you will see a link to the old science test just below it.


We have just completed the archiving of your key user statistics.
This includes: Logins, Tests, Games, Quizes, etc.
We do this at the beginning of every school year so that you may more easily track the usage of the site by current students and teachers.

Email Review Subscriptions We also delete all email subscriptions. This is to prevent graduated students from receiving these emails. We want to help fight spam at all times. If you wish to re-subscribe, simply login to your account and register at the Email Review section.

Archived Tests If you wish to find a student’s test score from last year, make sure to check the “archive” check box when searching for his/her test results.

Game High Score Board We also reset this so students may compete and set new high scores.

View Your StatsRemember, you can always login to your account and click the “account details” button to see your real-time and archived stats at any time.