We help your students…

As of May 16, 2008, 628 educators completed our survey. 99% of these respondents felt that USATestprep helped their students review for their tests, and would recommend USATestprep to other schools.  We are very proud of this statistic.

New features you love…

USATestprep’s goals are to provide the most effective online system to help you and your students and to continue to innovate our product. Overwhelming, you value these new features:

  •       Super Graduation Kombat Smackdown game
  •       Online sections quizzes
  •       Online student puzzles
  •       Ability to save partially-completed student tests
  •       Teacher management system
  •       Ability to retest missed questions
  •       Short answer questions

Upcoming features…

Along with always monitoring and adjusting to any state curriculum changes, here is a list of some of the features we will be working on over the summer based on your survey responses:

  •       Single-standard educational game
  •       Test data correlation
  •       Assignable benchmark tests
  •       Class projector-based game
  •       Printable flashcards
  •       More questions in the database
  •       Individual student login and tracking

            It has been our pleasure to develop, maintain, and assist you and your students with your test review needs. It is our hope that we maintain this relationship by continuing to provide you with the best possible services.  As always, it is by your feedback that we have been able to do this, and we thank you for your continued support.