The South Carolina State Department of Education recently released revised Core Area Academic Standards for the Algebra I/Math for Technologies II EOCEP. We have worked hard to develop a new review for this test from the ground up that meets these new standards. We have spent much time reviewing old questions and authoring new ones to ensure that your students have the best possible online, review resource for this challenging, new test.

For now, we will be leaving the old test in place for any students that did not pass based on the old standards. You will find this on the test pull-down menu as Algebra I (2002). You will find all of the same great features in place for this test review. If you are not currently subscribed to this review and would like to add it, please contact us by phone or email. We can have access available within 24 hours. We can also provide you with a pro-rated price, so all of your expiration dates match.

Let us know if you have any questions.