If you have an ActivBoard in your room, you can use your board and USATestprep in a variety of ways. If you’re interested in doing a class diagnostic quiz, simply hand out the clickers and go to the Question Activity of your choosing. Pull up each of the questions, one at a time. For each question, have the students answer with the clicker. Then, when all have selected an answer, look up the stats on the question and paste them to the screen. Finally, choose the most common answer on the website, using the ActivBoard, and read the explanation. Or, have a student do this last part. Move on to the next question.

If you’re really feeling adventurous, make a flip chart of your own. For each item, cut and paste the question and explanation page onto separate pages and take your class through the whole thing. You can then track their answers at the end of the session.

Don’t forget that the students really enjoy playing the games in a class-wide mode, and they’re all standards-based!