Per subscriber requests, we have added the ability for teachers to merge or combine multiple teacher accounts into a single account. To do this, simply login as a teacher and proceed to the Teacher Management link in the Teacher Resources section. There, we provide easy-to-follow instructions.

Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions.

Last Friday we set a new personal record for site use.  We hit a max of 26 MB/s of site use. This is approximately twice the bandwidth from last Spring.  This is the result of subscriber growth and increased site use nearing the end of the semester.

The good news is that the servers performed very well.  Site speed remained quick and responsive.  We monitor the servers closely and will always invest our resources to keep your online experience efficient.

Today, we discovered a small problem with our tutorial questions that is only noticed by subscribers using Internet Explorer 6.0.  Students may be caught in a loop of questions if they attempt to “retry missed questions”. If you are able to upgrade your version of IE to 7.0, this should resolve this problem. However, if not, we will continue to work hard on this problem and have it corrected soon.