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Do you like to dance?

Do you like robots?

We launched a new game that has three levels of finger-tapping joy.  The game play is simple and educational. Answer three questions correct to advance to the next round of gameplay.


We hope that your year is wrapping up well. Thanks for taking the time to complete our recent survey; we use this data to plan our future development. Here is a summary of the results.

As of May 5, 2009, 734 educators from 13 states completed our survey. Over 99% of these respondents felt that USATestprep helped their students review for their tests. We are very proud of this statistic.

USATestprep’s goals are to provide the most effective online system to help you and your students prepare for state-level tests. Based on your responses to our survey, we will continue to innovate our product to reach this goal. Next year you will see (at no additional charge):
• Individual student and teacher login
• Topic/Standard-Specific item review
• Updated benchmark test system where teachers create custom tests
• New design layout with powerful data management

These survey-takers had their names drawn and will each receive a $50 Target Gift Card.
• Clay Jones, Florence High School, MS, Teacher
• Julie Novak, Hillgrove High School, GA, Graduation Coach
• Shawna Koch, Cullman Area Career Center, AL, Teacher

It has been our pleasure to develop, maintain, and assist you and your students with your test review needs. It is our hope that we maintain this relationship by continuing to provide you with the best possible service. As always, it is by your feedback that we have been able to do this, and we thank you for your continued support.

We receceived a great idea from Klein High School in Texas.  They shared with us how they encourage the use of USATestprep by their students.  The ideas were so good, we asked permission to post their email.  Rose, thanks for letting us share the information.

We developed a campus wide math and science initiative which included
two parts.  One part was a tournament for Head of the Class champions,
using your elimination brackets. We had students compete to become class
champions and then selected a teacher champion.  We just had a rally
yesterday to acknowledge our HC Class and Teacher Champions.  The final
round of our tournaments will be next week to decide a subject champion.

The second part was a competition for homework assignments which
included students receiving prize drawing tickets for completing 5
assignments on the USATestprep.  Math and Science teachers were
encouraged to incorporate the use of the site as part of their TAKS prep
and content reinforcement.  We had a weekly drawing for $50 gift cards
and we will have a final drawing for $75 to $100 for students who
completed 4 out of 5 weeks of TAKS Smackdown homework.  

We are also providing recognition to the gamers by giving away small
gift certificates for the highest gaming score.

So as you can see we really wanted to use this site to its fullest
potential.  We are excited by the student’s response and anxiously
anticipate the positive impact it has had.   We are already planning to
reflect on how to maximize its use for next year by starting in the fall
instead of the spring.   I hope this explains why me, Tia and Darlene
have been corresponding and calling with problems to solve and

Thank you for providing us with a great tool and making the adjustments
to make it more effective.

Rose Bostick
IPC Instructional Specialist
Klein High School