The Georgia Department of Education recently released the updated test blueprint for the Social Studies GHSGT.  This blueprint is based on the new Georgia Performance Standards.  Students will be tested on these new standards beginning in the Spring of 2010.

USATestprep has now completed its review for this new test.  To access the review, look under the GHSGT pulldown tab and find “Social Studies GPS”.  Here you will see all of our standard review features (benchmark testing, practice tutorials, interactive games, etc.) all matched to the new Social Studies GPS.

If you have access to the GHSGT Social Studies GPS-QCC review, access to the GPS review is free of charge.  We hope you and your students find this new review useful.

We have had a number of Georgia teachers request the English-Language Arts Review for the Middle School CRCT.  This is now complete.  We’ve taken our time to include content that specifically matches the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade GPS.

This new quality review includes all of the same great features that you are used to using with your students – benchmark testing, tutorial questions, educational games, and much more.

If you are interested in adding this product for your school, or if you would like a free trial to check it out, contact us at 770-882-0128 or email:

Our very popular versus-style game has a new twist.  Now, you can play the game at the test level or choose a single content area within a test.

This allows the game to be playable all year long, not just during test preparation time.

Go Zombie!

Super Graduation Smackdown