We hope that you are well-rested after the winter break, and we wanted to welcome you back to the classroom with some great new improvements to the look, usability, and capability of the site.

New Graphic Design and Layout
You likely noticed this right away. We’ve created a new look that focuses on the most-used features and reduces scrolling and searching.

More Powerful Benchmark Testing
You can now select questions at the standard-specific level. In addition, you can choose multiple standards and how many questions you want from each. This was our number one request.

All questions can now be read aloud. All definitions can also be heard, just look for the audible speaker next to each one. This is a great tool for ELL and Special Needs students.

Instructional Videos (coming soon)
We have developed the optimal way to add content instruction for your students: short, standard-specific videos. Students will be able to watch videos that are associated with questions/standards that they miss. We’re adding more every day.

Instructional Printable Classroom Activities (coming soon)
There are lots of instructional resources that are best done in the classroom – classroom games, unique labs, flowcharts, timelines, etc. We’ve now started adding these for teachers to use when the computer lab is unavailable.

These were the most requested features from users over the past year. As usual, all of these powerful new features come to you at no additional cost. We hope that you and your students find them to be a valuable learning tool.


Please update your contact information with our new phone and fax numbers:
Phone: 1-877-377-9537 (toll free)
Fax: 1-877-789-1009 (toll free)