USATestprep recently attended the North Carolina Accountability Conference in Greensboro. As part of our last days events we gave away three $100 gift cards to all of the people who visited and registered our booth.Below are the winners: Debbie Lee (Caldwell County Schools) with our own Amy Brown, and Lori Laws and Angel Clark (both of Cleveland County Schools) with Amy.Congratulations!

If you’re new to USATestprep or just need some refreshers about the site and our services, we’ve got you covered. We offer free public webinars to go over some of our most popular features, personal online webinars, and even on-site training. Please check out our website to see the specifics of these options: when you log in, look for “Training” under the “Help” category.


We know your students enjoy our educational games, and we’ve listened to a lot of feedback on how to improve them.  The more students interact with our educational games, the more information they’re exposed to.  We just finished with a total game revamping which makes them more interactive and more educational.

  • New and Improved “Alpine Climber” – We’ve changed this game to be fast-paced and exciting.  Quickly answer questions and move through the “Donkey Kong” style bonus rounds to get your maximum score.
  • Cool, New Vocabulary-Based Game, “Walk the Plank” – This is a great new twist on an old game.  Try the old “Hangman” in a totally new way.  It’s pirates vs. ninjas using key vocabulary terms from the content area of your choice.  Add a definition and rack up bonus points.  Good luck!
  • Fun, New Game Format – All of your favorite classic games are still there – including the “Naughty Chicken”, “Dance Dance Robot”, and “SGKS”.  Now, they have a fantastic new format.  Answer questions and vocabulary to try and make the upgraded high score board.

USATestprep is attending the North Carolina Accountability Conference in Greensboro. Nearly 600 school administrators and educational specialists are attending the three day event centered around the theme of “Comprehensive Assessments and Accountability: Globally Positioning Students for Life in the 21st Century.” USATestprep is proud to be a part of not only this conference but of the greater movement to better prepare students for life outside of middle and high school.

USATestprep is happy to announce the addition of materials for the End-of-Course tests in Louisiana, Missouri, and New Jersey. Subscribers in Louisiana can now review for their EOCs in Algebra I, English II, Geometry, and Biology. For Missouri students we offer review and preparation for Biology, Algebra I, Government, and English II. Finally, students in New Jersey can use to ready themselves for their Biology, Algebra I (ADP), Algebra II (ADP) EOCs.

Good luck to everyone!