School systems often need district-wide benchmark assessments.  Depending on its size, a school system can pay tens of thousands of dollars to author, print, administer and analyze these tests.  Now, USATestprep offers you this incredible service – for free.

With a district-wide purchase of our online test review, you have the ability to create these powerful benchmark assessments free of charge. It only takes a few simple steps:  login, choose your options, select your questions and create a distinct code.  This code is then sent to your teachers, and students begin taking the test.  Tests can be created on whole subjects or on specific standards.  This allows for both formative and summative assessments.
Imagine not having to worry about:
  • hiring an expensive testing company – your content area experts can create unique tests in just minutes that match state standards;
  • copying and distributing the test – it’s all created and stored online;
  • collecting and grading tests – results are saved online and scoring is immediate; or
  • using difficult software to analyze the results – with the click of a button you can see results by school, content area, or question.
In the midst of budget difficulties, schools need to find alternative, affordable solutions.  USATestprep offers benchmark testing, content instruction, and premier test review all in one reasonably-priced package.