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In the month of July, if you renew your subscription for at least one year you will get an extra month absolutely free. All you have to do is place your order by fax or phone by July 31.

Hurry: time is running out!

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Part of our new version of USATestprep is an enhanced ability to analyze student data.

Once a teacher logs in to the site, he or she can immediately check the results of tests and benchmark tests. The tabs in the center of the page make this easier than ever.

You can also compare student results on benchmark tests with a click of a button.

Be sure to explore these new options and other new additions to the site by browsing through the How-To Videos.

USATestprep now has over 600 instructional videos!

These videos are shot by certified classroom teachers on a myriad of subjects. They are short, informative, and serve as a great review of what each state expects students to know on mandatory tests.

Students can find them easily by clicking on the “Videos” tab in the center of a test page.

And if you do not see a video for a topic you need just know that we are constantly adding videos to our database. Feel free to send us some feedback, too.

Check them out today!

Be sure to check out our two new games on USATestprep.

Sasquatch Olympics allows to control your favorite yeti as he takes swings at some of his woodland buddies. See how far you can launch them over the rolling hills of the great outdoors! (Note: no actually animals were hurt in the production of this game. In fact, they are all trained professionals and wear the appropriate gear for the stunts they attempt!)

In Cheerleading Challenge you are trying to make the Royal Cheerleading Squad. But that evil Court Jester is not going to make it easy for you. Follow his moves in order to make the team. Make just one mistake and its back to the stands for you!

We know you’ll enjoy these two new games at USATestprep. But be careful: you just might learn something while you’re having fun!

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One of the things you’ll notice about the latest version of USATestprep is the new layout for both students and teachers. After logging in, each user is taken to their home page. Once there, users will not only have quick access to their test subjects but they can jump instantly to their test and practice results in the middle of the page. Students will be able to see how they’ve done on all of their assignments and  games.

Our New Student Home Page

Teachers will also find immediate access to student results for tests and benchmark tests. Additionally, the teacher resources box provides a list of helpful topics to make your use of the site even easier.

Our New Teacher Home Page

Take the time to explore our new look and the check out the How-To Videos for additional tips.

USATestprep is proud to announce that the newest version of our website is up and running! We encourage you to check out the changes we’ve made based on subscriber feedback. Be sure to watch the brief orientation movies about logging in for the first time.

Our new individual login page.

Just a reminder that the new look of USATestprep will launch on Monday, July 13. You will find all of the features you’ve come to expect, but there will also be many new and improved aspects, as well: individual student and teacher logins, improved layout, enhanced data tracking, more games and instructional videos, and much more.

Be sure to check out the short “Help Videos” under the Login Instructions when you go to the site on July 13.

Finally, access to our current site will remain uninterrupted during this transition.

We have been very busy preparing the next version of USATestprep for teachers and students. This post contains important information regarding the transition to the new system.


Inactive Student Profiles and archived test data older than August 2009 have been deleted two months earlier than normal in order to help speed the transition. In addition, test data older than August 2009 has been archived.


If you would like any of your teacher or student profiles deleted, please email us (info@usatestprep.com) with the appropriate names. We will be happy to delete these for you.


If all data transition goes as planned, the new site will be launched on July 13th. One of the biggest changes is that each teacher and student will now have an individual login to the site. More detailed information will come later in emails.


In order to facilitate review before summer testing schedules, we will keep the current version of the site available while we transition to the new version. There will be a prominent link on the site pointing students and teachers to this alternate login location.


If you are a heavy user of the site and want to help beta test the site over the next couple of weeks, let us know by emailing us at info@usatestprep.com.

Thank you for your patience during this time of transition. Our goal is to make this as simple for you as possible, but we realize that challenges may arise. We are very excited about the product enhancements you will enjoy this fall with your students. Do not hesitate to email us with your questions or concerns.