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Think or Swim!

We have added another new game: Think or Swim! It is not only our first projector game but our first team game, as well.

Multiple teams can compete in a review of 3 to 5 elements. Sets of 5 multiple choice and 2 vocabulary are automatically generated for each element. Students jus write down their team answers- we provide printable sheets- and the teacher keeps track of the results right on the site.

Be sure to check out Think or Swim! today! Just look under the “Online Resources” section of your subject’s home page.

5 Responses to “Think or Swim!”

  1. imonie Says:

    Aaaahhhh…….can we have more games…PLEASE

  2. Kirby Says:

    We are always looking to improve our game selection. We also like to hear suggestions as to what kinds of games students would want. Please let us know if you’d like to share some input!

  3. Brenda Cromer Says:

    Sigh, I can not find the printable answer sheet for this game. I know you have one, because i saw it yesterday. Please tell me how to find it again. Thank you

  4. Kirby Says:

    The Game Cards link can be found on the “Instructions” tab when setting up the game. For the “Projector Mode” questions, the Answer Sheet can be found after you generate questions.
    Hope this helps!

  5. Kirby Says:

    Hi, Reagan,
    “Think or Swim” is only accessible by your teachers. They can set up a game for the entire class to play during class. If you are having trouble loading games or videos, make sure you check out the latest Blog entry. It is about videos, but both our games and our videos use Flash.