We wanted to share a comment  from a user about our newest projector game and first team game, “Think or Swim!”  It comes from Rachel Steel from Lee County, Georgia:

“I ended up using the “Think or Swim” projector game… and it was so much fun.  I gave each group a plastic divider (You could laminate a sheet of paper) and a dry erase marker so that they could write the group answer and then I would call time and all the groups flashed their answers at once. It is set up like (J)eopardy but everyone answers each question.  It is nice, too, that you can target the topics/domains you are working on and all the questions relate to those.”

Thanks for the kind words, Rachel. We’re glad you enjoyed it! So if you haven’t checked out “Think or Swim!” yet, head over to your subject page and look under “Online Resources.”