No doubt you have heard about the “Common Core” standards being developed for English and Math. But could the same be on the horizon for social studies? Last week, social studies experts from 18 states met in Charlotte, North Carolina, to discuss ways to improve the prominence of their discipline in the national discourse. But does this mean that national standards are on the horizon? Not necessarily. This article sheds some light on the meeting.

So what do you think: common standards for social studies?

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CNN will be highlighting education in “Education In America: Don’t Fail Me,” airing May 15 at 8pm EST. The show will be highlighting the state of math and science education in the United States and how we compare to other Industrial countries. The network offers supplementary materials on its website that can be used in the classroom. Those, and additional information, can be found on the “InAmerica” section of the CNN website and at this address.
Let us know what you think about the topic and/or about the show.