We would like to thank the over 7,400, students and teachers who participated in our Annual User Survey. While we are still parsing through all of the results, 99.26% of respondents said that they felt USATestprep helped their students.  A beneficial user experience is our primary focus, and knowing that this is a reality for you makes us happy. However, we are not resting on our laurels.

This summer we will be developing new content and, based on previous and current teacher feedback, adding new components to our site. We may say it frequently, but we mean it each time: user feedback really DOES make the site better for everyone.

And finally, here are our winners from the drawing of survey participants:
Teachers: Ann C. (Foley, AL), Jody C. (Decatur, TX), and Sandra L. (Franklin Co., MS).
Students: Demetres A. (West Craven HS, NC), Ali H. (Hightower HS, TX), and Marquette S. (Glenn Hills HS, GA).

Again, thanks for taking the time to give us the thoughtful and detailed feedback that we received. Good luck on the last weeks of the school year!