We hope that you had an enjoyable summer and would like to welcome you back for another successful school year.  Many of you remember that we surveyed you last spring.  Based on the results of that survey, we spent our summer focusing on these areas:
  • Benchmark Favorites: Teachers can now flag any question in the database as a “favorite” to quickly add it to a benchmark test. Teachers can also author and add their own questions.
  • Video Comprehension Questions: Now, students can test their understanding of instructional videos by answering up to four questions for each video.  Videos and Comprehension Questions can also be assigned to students.
  • Free Response Questions: Teachers can now assign higher order free response questions.  This is a great way to assess student depth of knowledge.  These are accessed in the online resources section of most tests.
  • Class Management: There is a new class management system for teachers. Similar to your standard grade book, you can now easily view class progress  and access student data.
UPCOMING: Fall User Meetings
Interested in getting more in-depth training on USATestprep?   Save the date for these User Meetings.  More information will be coming soon.
10/27:  Tupelo, MS -Bancorp South Arena
10/28:  Cullman, AL – Holiday Inn Express
11/3:  Roswell, GA – The Metropolitan Club
11/4:  Columbia, SC – Columbia Conference Center
11/10:  Raleigh, NC – Prestonwood Country Club
11/18:  Indianapolis, IN – Marriott Indianapolis Downtown
If you would like to renew your account for the upcoming year or have any questions or comments regarding your subscription, please email or call us.  We will be happy to help.