Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) beat out over 70 schools from around the country to win over a half-million dollars in scholarship money for its high school seniors. The Broad Prize for Urban Education goes annually to the large, urban school district that has shown the most substantial academic gains. The CMS is responsible for over 130,000 students, more than half of whom are African-American, Asian, Hispanic, or American Indian.

The selection jury for the Broad Prize- which consists of seven members, including four past U.S. Secretary of Education- recognized CMS for a number of reasons:

  • Narrowed Ethnic Achievement Gaps
  • Narrowed Ethnic Achievement Gaps Faster
  • Boosted Percentage of Low-Income Students Performing at High Levels
  • Demonstrated College Readiness Levels

To read more about this honor, check out the story from The Christian Science Monitor or the press release from the Broad Prize website.

Congratulations, CMS!