Sometimes when students forget their username or password they’ll want to simply create a new account. This is a bad idea for them and for you as their teacher. When students create a second/third/etc account, they will most likely not be receiving any assignments you create for them. As a result, they’ll lose any credit you would give them for completing their work. Additionally, multiple accounts makes tracking student performance more difficult for teachers and administrators. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do.

Anyone with Administrative access can block students from making accounts. This can be done by making sure the appropriate box is unchecked on the student list on the Admin tab.

When this is unchecked, teachers will notice on their Home page that they will not be able to print Student Activation Cards or print Wall Signs.

Additionally, if students attempt to create an additional or any new account they will receive a notice alerting them to the account creation block. They’ll also be able to fill out a “Password Retrieval” form online.

And if you notice that there are already multiple accounts for a student, you can merge the accounts together. Simply locate the student accounts and click the orange “Merge” button for the account you want to keep:

You will then be given any suggested accounts you wish to merge INTO the account you just selected. Choose the correct account- or accounts- and click “Merge Students.”

You will then see that the accounts have been merged.

We hope these help with you with managing multiple student accounts. As always, let us know if you have any questions.

USATestprep is proud to announce the addition of a new resource for you and your students.

Due to requests from our current subscribers, we recently completed development of a generic online review product for High School Writing. We custom built this resource to incorporate the common standards from multiple states. It includes content and grammar instruction – as well as a variety of writing prompts – to help your students improve their writing skills.

If you would like to add High School Writing to your current subscription or if you’d like a free trial, please contact us by phone or email. Free trials to existing accounts can be activated within one business day. Likewise, for purchases we can have this service available within 24 hours of receiving your credit card or purchase order. We can also provide you with a pro-rated price so all your expiration dates match. We look forward to hearing from you.

We have recently updated some of our existing products to keep up with changing standards in many states. These updates include-

  • Washington Biology EOC
  • Indiana Biology ECA
  • South Carolina South Carolina Social Studies PASS (6th-8th)

If your school subscribed to the previous version you are automatically subscribed to the updated version. If don’t subscribe to them and would like to take a look at them for a few days, just let us know.

Ever wonder what a student sees when he/she logs on to USATestprep?  There are a couple of things you can do.

You can always create a generic student account using your school’s school ID and the student activation code. From the login page, just click “Create a New Account” and enter in the relevant information on the next page. (You can leave the email space blank.) Your staff could then share this login for all to use.

Also, when you are logged in as a teacher you can see what students see by going to a specific test/subject. The “Test/Practice/Games/Videos” tabs are formatted exactly as they are when students log on and go to their test/subject page.

From this area you can now take a practice test, complete some activities, play as many games as you like, or watch videos in exactly the same way students can.

As always, let us know if you have any questions.

When you create assignments for students, you can now “preview” the assignment.

Once you have created the assignment- either a test, multiple choice, vocabulary, etc- go back to your home page and find the task under your “Assignment” tab.  Click “Options” and then “Preview” from the pull-down menu.

You will then be prompted to begin the task as if you were a student. When you do this remember:

  • If you preview anything OTHER than a Benchmark Test Assignment or Video, you will see questions that are similar in style and topic to the ones your students will see. Test, Practice, and Game questions are populated randomly from our database, so the ones you see will not be the exact same questions as those your students see.
  • If you go through the Preview and answer questions, your results will NOT be stored in the system.

We hope you enjoy this new subscriber-suggested option. Let us know if you have any questions or comments.