Sometimes when students forget their username or password they’ll want to simply create a new account. This is a bad idea for them and for you as their teacher. When students create a second/third/etc account, they will most likely not be receiving any assignments you create for them. As a result, they’ll lose any credit you would give them for completing their work. Additionally, multiple accounts makes tracking student performance more difficult for teachers and administrators. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do.

Anyone with Administrative access can block students from making accounts. This can be done by making sure the appropriate box is unchecked on the student list on the Admin tab.

When this is unchecked, teachers will notice on their Home page that they will not be able to print Student Activation Cards or print Wall Signs.

Additionally, if students attempt to create an additional or any new account they will receive a notice alerting them to the account creation block. They’ll also be able to fill out a “Password Retrieval” form online.

And if you notice that there are already multiple accounts for a student, you can merge the accounts together. Simply locate the student accounts and click the orange “Merge” button for the account you want to keep:

You will then be given any suggested accounts you wish to merge INTO the account you just selected. Choose the correct account- or accounts- and click “Merge Students.”

You will then see that the accounts have been merged.

We hope these help with you with managing multiple student accounts. As always, let us know if you have any questions.