Inevitably, you’ll have to add or remove students to or from an existing class. The start of a new grading period is a pretty likely time for this. Fortunately, student management is a pretty easy task.


From your Classes tab, click “Manage Class” on the right.

Then, click the green “Add/Remove Students” button on the right.

On the new window you will see existing Students in This Class. If you see a student that is no longer in this class, you can remove him or her from the list by clicking on the red “X”. To add students, you have a few options: 1) you can click on the letter that corresponds to their last name, 2) you can click “Advanced Search” to search for their specific first or last name, or 3) you can click any students that are listed in the field below the alphabetic list. Whichever method you use, click the “+Add” link to place them in your class.

You will then have the option of having the system give each added student the assignments you previously created. If you want to do this, either click the “All” link or click the box next to each assignment. To skip this, click “Continue without adding assignments.”

After that… you’re done!

If a student has never used USATestprep before, he/she will need to have an account created before he/she can be added. Please refer to our earlier Blog entry about doing this, or check out our How To Videos from your Home page.