Need to let your students’ parents know about your school’s USATestprep account? Would a reminder about reviewing for state testing be a good thing to let them know on the “home front”? We’ve got you covered.

On your Teacher Home page, you can print off two versions of our “Parent Letters.” Just click the appropriately-named “Parent Letters” link on the right.

You will see a pdf document for two options: a “Warm” and a “Stern” letter.

Both say some of the same things, but while the “Warm” letter simply lets the parents know about upcoming testing and your school’s subscription to USATestprep, the “Stern” letter lets them know that their child has not been doing as well, and that remediation is paramount importance.

Each letter can be printed and handed out to the student(s). But if you would like to tweak or personalize the message, feel free to “cut-and-paste” the text into a word processing document and edit it as you see fit.
We hope this adds a layer of accountability and documentation to your efforts to prepare all of your students for their demanding tests.