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USATestprep now has an Auto-Save feature built in to our system.

If your students are ever taking a test and the power goes out or if there is a sudden interruption in service, all of their progress will not be lost. Our system now saves the work a student is doing on a test every 10 seconds. If something unforeseen happens, students will receive this message when they log back on to USATestprep:

This should add a little peace of mind for you and your students, especially when storms are rolling through!


  1. Naomi Elkin says:

    Does the auto save feature work for games and practice assignments as well as tests? Thanks!

    1. Kirby says:

      Autosave only works for tests. However, that means small/medium/large/full tests, as well as domain-level tests and Benchmark tests.

  2. Cassandra Eckstorm says:

    How long are the student answers saved? Last year I had MANY students that saved their work and when they went back to the test their answers were gone.
    Thank you.

    1. Kirby says:

      Cassandra, student data is reset every August 1.