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Auto-Save Feature

USATestprep now has an Auto-Save feature built in to our system.

If your students are ever taking a test and the power goes out or if there is a sudden interruption in service, all of their progress will not be lost. Our system now saves the work a student is doing on a test every 10 seconds. If something unforeseen happens, students will receive this message when they log back on to USATestprep:

This should add a little peace of mind for you and your students, especially when storms are rolling through!

6 Responses to “Auto-Save Feature”

  1. Cassandra Eckstorm Says:

    How long are the student answers saved? Last year I had MANY students that saved their work and when they went back to the test their answers were gone.
    Thank you.

  2. Kirby Says:

    Cassandra, student data is reset every August 1.

  3. Naomi Elkin Says:

    Does the auto save feature work for games and practice assignments as well as tests? Thanks!

  4. Kirby Says:

    Autosave only works for tests. However, that means small/medium/large/full tests, as well as domain-level tests and Benchmark tests.

  5. Kirby Says:

    There currently is not a way to autosave all activities on the site.
    In your circumstance, though, student could always copy down their missed questions after they are through with the activity. This would allow them time to complete the activity- practice or game- in a reasonable time.

  6. Kirby Says:

    We are always looking to improve the site’s usability. This will be added to our “What Users Want” list for future development.