Creating a class is an easy and necessary step in using USATestprep. By creating a class, you can not only assign students tasks- from the Assignments tab- but you can associate your name with a test subject.

Why is this important? By doing this simple step, students will be able to see your name from a pull down list when completing an activity such as a test, practice activities, or games. This will allow you to see their scores on all of these activities. If you ever hear a student say that they didn’t see your name in such a list, this is the reason why.

To Create a new class:

1.Click the Classes tab.

2.Click the “Create New Class” link.

3.Then type in a name for your class…

4.…and pick the test subjects that you want to associate with that class.

5.The final step is to add students to your class. (You do not have to do this in order to create a class, though: you can always add them later.) You can search for students who have created an account on USATestprep in a few ways. A) You can search by the first letter of their last name (click on the appropriate letter) or B) you can Search by typing in their first, last, or full name.

6.To add a student, just click “+ Add.”

7.You will see all enrolled students on the left.

8.Once you have added everyone, click the green Save and Close button. You’re done!