Now that your students are back in class and using USATestprep, you’ll want to track their progress. Of course, you can do this by using the Student Results tab on your Teacher Home page. But you can also have these results sent directly to your email’s inbox.

All you have to do is:

1. Click the Student Results tab.

2. Check the Receive Nightly Email Results box.

Checking this box will create an automated email from our system each night (around 2am Eastern) containing detailed data regarding all of your students’ results for the past 24 hours.


You might want to take a moment, as well, to verify that your email address is accurate and up to date. You can do this by clicking Edit Account underneath your avatar on your Teacher Home page.


One last thing: students will NOT be able to email you directly. They will not be able to see or access your email address through USATestprep.