USATestprep has received requests from teachers for a way to create many assignments all at once. The wait is over. We have come up with a system that will do just that. We have an excellent “Group Assignments” video on our “How To” section, but here are a few of the most important points.

When you click on the “Create New Assignment” link from the “Assignments Tab,” you will have a choice to create a Single Assignment or a Group Assignment. Either type can be made for an entire class, selected students, or a single student.


Give your Group a title (1), and choose the appropriate test subject (2). Next choose which Tests (3) and/or Practice activities  (4) you would like to assign. (NOTE: If you wish to assign a Benchmark Test you must first create that test.) You do not HAVE to assign both. If you wish to only assign Practice activities, skip the Tests(s) section, and vice versa. In this example, we will only assign Practice activities.

After you choose your Domain (5), you will see the Elements listed below. Check the boxes for the kinds of activities you would like to assign. Choose as many or as few as you would like. (6)


For some activities- such as Skill Work, Videos, Puzzles, and Games- you may see a new window pop up. You will need to choose which activity/activities you would like to assign. You can select all with one click by choosing ”Select All” (A), or you can choose them individually (B). You can always reset the choices quickly by clicking ”Uncheck All” (C). Be sure to click the green “Save and Close” button (D) when you’re done.



When you’ve completed this process, you’ll see the all the assignment types checked next (7) for the appropriate the Elements, as well as the number of types of assignments you have chosen (8). You can always edit this by clicking on that assignment type. If you want to assign another Domain practice, you can always click on the “Add More Practice” link. (9) To go to the last step, click the green “Continue” button. (10)


The last step has you choosing your settings. To move the order of assignments, simply drag the assignment (11) up or down. Then, choose a start date and an end date (12) for the assignments. They can all be the same or you can set them for different dates. However, students will ONLY be able to complete the assignments in the order you have set for them. You can make any other changes in the last three columns should you choose. Once you are done, click the green “Save Assignment” button at the bottom of the window…


and you’re through!


You can then see this Group listed in your Assignments tab. (13) Just click the “+” to expand the Group.


As for your students, they’ll see a message in their Messages tab, but they’ll also see the group (14) in their Assignments tab. Notice that they can only complete them in the order you have set.(15)


We know you will love this new feature. For more information, be sure to watch the “Group Assignment” video in the “How To” section, and don’t hesitate to call or email us.