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New: Flashcards

Teachers can now easily print out Flashcards for all of our vocabulary terms.

When you log in, just go to your subject-specific page and look for “Flashcards” under the Print Resources heading.



Then, choose the domain within your subject and the terms you wish to include. You can click one box to select them all, or you can choose them individually. When you’re finished, click the green “Load Flashcards” button…



And they’re generated. Each sheet of flashcards will contain six terms, allowing the cards to be read comfortably by students.





Please let us know if you have any question about this helpful new feature.

2 Responses to “New: Flashcards”

  1. Carrie Newberry Says:

    There should be some games. Because its boring to not have a game or two…

  2. Kirby Says:

    We have lots of games. Just to the page for whatever subject you are studying and look for the Games tab.

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