USATestprep offers a variety of built-in accommodations on our site.  These accommodations fall into two categories: Benchmark Accommodations and Assignments/Projector Based Resources.

Benchmark Accommodations

  • Duplicate Copy – When a benchmark is created, there is an option to make a duplicate copy. This is a great tool to use to meet the needs of diverse learners.  The duplicate copy allows you to go in and change the test settings.  
  • Spanish Option – Questions, answers, and passages can be translated into Spanish.  If you select this option, the test will not automatically be translated for every student.  Instead, there will be a link at the top of the benchmark labeled “Español,” and if a student clicks on this link, the test will be translated.
  • Reduce Answer Choices – This will reduce the number of answer choices from 4 to 3.  It will still show all four answer options, but one will already be eliminated.
  • Highlighter – We offer a highlighter tool that students can use to highlight key words and phrases.
  • Audio Available – We offer audio recordings of passages, questions, and answers.
  • Eliminate Answer – Students can hover over answer choices and choose to “Eliminate” the answer choice.  When this is done, a line will be placed through the answer.  If a student hovers over the answer choice again,  he or she can “Restore” that answer.
  • Printing Options – Our benchmarks can be printed in larger font sizes and with a variety of spacing options.
  • Question Filters – When creating a custom benchmark, teachers can filter questions based on Low or High DOK or difficulty level.

Assignments/Projector Based Resources

  • Multiple Attempts – When creating an assignment, teachers can allow students to have multiple attempts to improve their score.
  • Minimum Score – Teachers can set a minimum mastery score on assignments.
  • Difficulty Level – Our practice question difficulty levels can be adjusted to three options: Random, Beginner, or Advanced.
  • Font Size – The font size for our projector based resources can be adjusted to be larger for students who may need this accommodation.

For more information on accommodations, please refer to this webinar recording.

If your state DOE makes changes to standards or assessments, USATestprep is committed to match these changes and provide you with an up-to-date product at no additional cost.

We have many new reviews for subjects across the curriculum in many states.

Alabama Elementary School

  • 5th Grade Social Studies

Alabama Middle School

  • 6th Grade Social Studies
  • 6th Grade Science
  • 7th Grade Geography
  • 7th Grade Civics
  • 8th Grade Science

Colorado Elementary School

  • 3rd Grade ELA
  • 3rd Grade Math
  • 4th Grade ELA
  • 4th Grade Math
  • 5th Grade ELA
  • 5th Grade Math

Colorado Middle School

  • 6th Grade ELA
  • 6th Grade Math
  • 7th Grade ELA
  • 7th Grade Math
  • 8th Grade ELA
  • 8th Grade Math

Indiana Middle School

  • 6th Grade Social Studies
  • 8th Grade Social Studies

Maryland Middle School

  • Science MSA

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USATestprep is looking for qualified applicants for two positions: Senior PHP Developer and Marketing and Graphic Design Professional (Part Time). If you are interested or know someone who may be, please refer to the links for more information.

We’ve gotten a few calls and emails about the new AP United States History format for the 2014-2015 school year. We are already at work on getting a new review set up to reflect the changes in the new curriculum. We will have this completed in time for the 2014 school year.

In the mean time… good luck during these last few weeks!

You’ve probably noticed a new look when you log in to USATestprep.


Don’t worry: this is a kind of “face lift.” Everything is still in its place, just where it was before.


Students will notice the same changes in colors.


But just like with teachers, everything remains in the same place.


Students may also choose to see their subject-specific page in “List View,” though that option can be toggled back and forth with “Standard View.”


We’re excited about these cosmetic changes. We know you’ll like them, too!


When we created the site back in 1998, we always wanted to create a tool for teachers to help their students.  One way to encourage students was to introduce game play into the practice question environment.  Our first game was titled “Head of the Class.”  It involved students answering questions correctly to be able to advance through different levels of the game.  There was no arcade game play element, but it was a nice alternative to traditional practice.

Head of the Class

The rudimentary game was popular with students and teachers, so we began adding more games.  Both students and teachers let us know that future games needed more excitement, so we added arcade bonus rounds between questions.   If you notice, most game scoring is weighted heavier to question performance over bonus arcade play.  We didn’t want our high score boards to only reflect skilled gamers:  you must be skilled and do well on the questions.

Our latest game to be released, Arrrrrmagedddon, is a brand new type of two player game.  It may be played by two students at different computers.   So one player may make a move, then player two can respond next period, during lunch, or when he/she gets home.  Again, our goal was to create an engaging game with the #1 goal of getting students to participate in meaningful question practice.


We hope you and your students enjoy our games, and keep an eye out for more.  We have a lot of ideas on the way.

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Welcome back to another exciting school year.  We’re starting a new feature on the blog,  In Focus.  Each month, we’ll spotlight something of interest and give you an in-depth exploration on that topic.  This could be based on USATestprep features, subject-specific topics, or educational policy.  This month, our first, focuses on the new features we spent much of the summer modifying and developing – based on the helpful feedback we’ve heard from you in the past.  Hope you enjoy.

Benchmark Testing Changes
Teachers can now flag questions from our database as a “favorite”. You can also author and add your own questions, these will be saved to your own personal folder.  After questions have been identified, it is very easy to go to your personal favorites and add these to any benchmark quiz or test that you create.  One suggestion is to flag questions that were missed by a large number of students from one test.  Discuss them in class.  Then, add the exact same question to a future test.

Instructional Video Enhancements
In addition to adding hundreds of new instructional videos this summer, we have also added comprehension questions to our entire catalog of videos.  Now, students can test their understanding of the videos.  Videos and Comprehension Questions can also be assigned to students.  This is an excellent way to reinforce techniques when the teacher is out of the classroom.

Free Response and Skill Work
One of the most important principles that is coming out of the Common Core Standards is the need for higher order assessment.  At USATestprep, we’ve started addressing this concern by implementing two new features:  Free Response Questions and Skill Work.  Free Response Questions are in-depth application and research questions that assess a student’s deeper understanding on topics.  Skill Work activities are a broad range of exercises that ask students to apply their understanding of a concept to classify, order, or label items properly.  Skill Work is found in the student practice section. Free Response Questions are accessed in the online resources section.  Both of these can be tasked to your students with the assignment system.

Class Management
The new class management system for teachers is similar to a standard grade book.  Teachers are now able to view student and class progress at a glance on concepts and assigned activities.  Teachers will also be able to print reports for students or classes to use for reference or documentation purposes.

All of this is in addition to our standard summer development schedule that includes adding hundreds of new questions and re-aligning for any new standards.  But wait, there’s much more to come this fall.  Keep your eyes on the site for other new additions including improvements to district user features, an enhanced assignment system and a new, and improved, chicken.

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