When your students do work for you on USATestprep, you can always find their results under the “Student Results” tab on your Home page.

Or can you?

What if you get a notification that there are no results?


The system automatically loads the first 10 results over the last week, so if it has been more than seven days since students have completed work for you on the site you will not see anything. Just click, “See More Results” (1) for searching options.


You can search for results in a myriad of ways: by student (2), class (3), activity (4), test (5), current or archived (6), and- perhaps most importantly- by date (7). You can choose a predetermined time frame- last month, 3 months, etc- or within a specific date range. Once you have made your choice, click the “Go” button.


You will then see the results for the students/activities/date range you have chosen. Still don’t see the result you’re looking for? Note that at the bottom of the results (8) you can see how many result pages there are. You can change the number of results you see per page, as well.

And if you want to manipulate them further, you can click the heading of any column will sort the results by that category. Of course, you can View assignment results and Archive (9) ones that are old and you want hidden from view. (Don’t worry: you’ll still have access to them.) At the bottom of the results you also have another option. You can choose to have all results sent to you in a nightly email (10) simply by clicking the box to the left of that option. This report will be run in the middle of the night and send to the email address you have associated with your account.


These options should help you keep a better track of your students’ performance in your classes. Let us know if you have any suggestions or comments.

Instant Messages

You’ve probably already used our Message system- if you haven’t be sure to check out the How To Video or previous Blog entries- but you may not know about our ne Instant Messaging system.

You can send a Message to students currently online the same way that you would a traditional Message. But to make it an Instant Message, click the “Instant Message” option (1). You can also see which students are currently online (2), so you can tailor your message to that individual should the need arise.


After you send it, the selected online student will receive it automatically.


As with regular Messages, students cannot initiate communication with you OR with other students. Students can only reply to a message from their teacher if that teacher chooses “Allow Students to Reply” as an option.

USATestprep has received requests from teachers for a way to create many assignments all at once. The wait is over. We have come up with a system that will do just that. We have an excellent “Group Assignments” video on our “How To” section, but here are a few of the most important points.

When you click on the “Create New Assignment” link from the “Assignments Tab,” you will have a choice to create a Single Assignment or a Group Assignment. Either type can be made for an entire class, selected students, or a single student.


Give your Group a title (1), and choose the appropriate test subject (2). Next choose which Tests (3) and/or Practice activities  (4) you would like to assign. (NOTE: If you wish to assign a Benchmark Test you must first create that test.) You do not HAVE to assign both. If you wish to only assign Practice activities, skip the Tests(s) section, and vice versa. In this example, we will only assign Practice activities.

After you choose your Domain (5), you will see the Elements listed below. Check the boxes for the kinds of activities you would like to assign. Choose as many or as few as you would like. (6)


For some activities- such as Skill Work, Videos, Puzzles, and Games- you may see a new window pop up. You will need to choose which activity/activities you would like to assign. You can select all with one click by choosing ”Select All” (A), or you can choose them individually (B). You can always reset the choices quickly by clicking ”Uncheck All” (C). Be sure to click the green “Save and Close” button (D) when you’re done.



When you’ve completed this process, you’ll see the all the assignment types checked next (7) for the appropriate the Elements, as well as the number of types of assignments you have chosen (8). You can always edit this by clicking on that assignment type. If you want to assign another Domain practice, you can always click on the “Add More Practice” link. (9) To go to the last step, click the green “Continue” button. (10)


The last step has you choosing your settings. To move the order of assignments, simply drag the assignment (11) up or down. Then, choose a start date and an end date (12) for the assignments. They can all be the same or you can set them for different dates. However, students will ONLY be able to complete the assignments in the order you have set for them. You can make any other changes in the last three columns should you choose. Once you are done, click the green “Save Assignment” button at the bottom of the window…


and you’re through!


You can then see this Group listed in your Assignments tab. (13) Just click the “+” to expand the Group.


As for your students, they’ll see a message in their Messages tab, but they’ll also see the group (14) in their Assignments tab. Notice that they can only complete them in the order you have set.(15)


We know you will love this new feature. For more information, be sure to watch the “Group Assignment” video in the “How To” section, and don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Sometimes when a student forgets his or her username or password, they’ll just create a new account. This is a bad idea for them and for you as their teacher. When students create a second/third/eleventh account, they will most likely not be receiving any assignments you create for them. Why? You only know about their first/original account. As a result, they’ll lose any credit you would give them for completing their work. Additionally, multiple accounts makes tracking student performance more difficult for teachers and administrators. Fortunately, there are a few things that anyone with Admin access can to if a student has already created more than one account.

From the Admin tab on your home page, you can manually merge the multiple accounts of a student into one account. Simply locate a student that has more than one account (1) and click the orange “Merge” button next to the account you want to keep (2). [Note: this is usually the one with the oldest login.]


Then, click the name of the account (3) you want to merge INTO the account at the top (the one you chose to keep). Then hit the green “Merge Students” button (4).


You’re done! You’ll notice that the student now has just one account.


BUT, if you have many students with multiple accounts, there is a way to do this more quickly. Click the “Student Merge Suggestor” at the top of the Students tab.


Our system will immediately display any student accounts with identical student names and group them together. The student account in orange (5) represents the account that will be kept. The other multiple accounts for that student will be merged into that account displayed in orange. Click the green “Merge Students” button and you’re done.


This is a great way to clean up your student accounts quickly and without losing any data.

Did you know that when you create a benchmark test you can have our system automatically eliminate an incorrect answer?

This option can be found in Step 2 of the Benchmark process.


By default, the “Number of Answers per Question” option is set at 4, but you can change this is a simple mouse click. If you choose to have three answers per question, when students take the test they will see one answer already eliminated for them.



Additionally, students can always choose to eliminate answers on any test they take. This can be helpful when students want to narrow their own choices for a question. Simply directing the mouse an answer choice will highlight that choice. To the right of an answer is the “Eliminate” link.

Clicking this will eliminate the answer for the student, which will be represented by the answer being “grayed out” with a line through it. The answer can easily be reactivated by clicking the “Reactivate” link.


These options can help both teachers and students improve scores and reduce test-taking anxieties.

When you create a Benchmark test, keep in mind that you can always share that benchmark test with other teachers in your school.


To share a benchmark test, simply change the “Teacher” option in the first step- “1 Enter Teacher Info”- when you create a benchmark test. Change your name to “Shared Benchmark- Allow Students to Choose” from the drop down menu. When a benchmark is created with this option in place, any teacher who has chosen that test subject- American History, Algebra, etc.- will be able to have the results of the benchmark sent to them should a student choose. This is perfect for department or school-wide review.


As always, this topic and many others are covered in the  “How To” videos located on your teacher Home page.


It is unlikely to happen, but if you ever go to watch a video on the site and find that it won’t work, there are a few things you can do on your end to troubleshoot. Here are a few tips:

  • If you are experiencing this is on a school computer, check with the IT department before doing anything.
  • Make sure you have updated your web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.) to the latest version.
  • Check that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash on the computer.

Last year, as every year, we gathered feedback from teachers and received a “wish list” of ideas for the site. Towards the top of that list was the ability to have video comprehension questions graded automatically. This fall, we have that. Still, there are only so many alternative answers we can think up as answers to those comprehension questions.

Now, you have the ability to override answers that have already been autograded. Here is how you do it.

1. Go to the Student Results tab.

2. Find the video and click the orange Edit button.


3. To change a grade, click the drop down menu. You can choose to keep it as Incorrect, change it to Correct, or give Half Credit. You can then scroll down (not pictured) and leave any comments you wish (if you wish). Click the green Submit Grade button and you’re done. The changes have been applied.


We know this help alleviate any uncertainty your students may have about their results. We will, of course, continue to edit the question answers. Students and teachers can always give us feedback about this by clicking on the Question Feedback button.

Have you ever had students tell you that they don’t see your name from a list of teachers when using USATestprep?  Well, don’t worry: the school isn’t trying to tell you something.


You just need to make sure your name is associated with the test subject you teach. You can do this by looking at the “Creating a Class” entry above, but here is the quick scoop.

1. Click the “Classes” tab.

2. If you’ve created a class already, click the green “Manage Class” button on the right. (If not, click the “Create a New Class” link.)

3. On the next page, click “Edit Class.” That page will allow you to associate that class- and you as a teacher- with a test subject. Your students will now be able to choose your name from a pull down list of teachers when they complete an activity on the site.


While you’re there, you can also add  or remove students to your class, a process also explained in the “Creating a Class” entry on this Blog.

So you’ve created some classes. Now what?

Well, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of our Assignments tab on your teacher Home page. To create an assignment, just A) click the Assignments tab, then B) the “Create New Assignment” link.


The rest of the process is pretty easy.

1. Choose the class/students you want to take the assignment. You can choose an entire class by simply clicking on the box next to the class name. If you only want specific students to take the assignment, click on the box next to the class name, “Uncheck All,” then select the student who you want to complete the assignment.


2. The next step is to Choose the Assignment. You’ll enter A) a name, B) then the type of assignment you want to give- Test, Practice, Game, or Video (Comprehension Questions)- and C) the appropriate options that go along with each type of assignment.


3. The final step is to Choose your Settings. A) You’ll determine the start date and end date for the assignment. When you choose a start date in the future, please note that the assignment will only show up on for your students when that start date has been reached. Also, once an end date has been reached, students will still be able to see the assignment on their Home page, but they will not be able to complete it. You can also choose whether or not you B) want students to have multiple attempts to improve their score, C) achieve a minimum score, or D) retest the questions they’ve missed. Then click “Save Assignment,” and you’re all done!


The assignment will then show up on your Home page and your students’ Home page.


Remember, this topic and many others are covered in the  “How To” videos located on your teacher Home page.