When adding your own questions, a teacher can now use one of our passages. This is nice because instead of placing the question at the end of the benchmark (in the past), the question will now always remain with that passage if there are other associated questions.

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Teachers can now author favorite questions associated with any of our passages. This new feature allows teachers to author and save favorite questions that stay with the passage wherever it is placed in a benchmark test.



Here are some new features and tips to help you get more from USATestprep:

Recently-added features:

  • Raw score (“Total Correct” column) added to your benchmark results Excel export.
  • Graphs to track monthly progress by standards and individual students –> You can even save, print, and annotate if needed.

Tips of the month:

  • Need to adjust the due date or add a student to an assignment? Make changes to existing assignments without duplicating them by using the Options menu –> Settings.
  • Can’t see a shared benchmark? Double check that you have your classes associated with that subject area. Go to your Classes tab –> gear icon on the far right –> “Edit Class” button. Add necessary subject(s) in step 1 and save in step 2.
  • Want to instantly create assignments for students to target their weaknesses? Automatically create assignments for students in their three weakest areas from your benchmark results –> Student Dot Rank section. You can then view these assignments within your Assignments tab –> “View Suggested Practice.”
  • Need assistance with anything? Use the Feedback & Contact button located at the bottom of every page to ask questions –> let us help you more quickly! When appropriate, please provide the name of the assignment or benchmark, student, class, etc.

Hope you have had a smooth February!

The USATestprep Team

We hope you are well-rested after your much-deserved winter break. We’ve been striving to make your job easier through multiple enhancements to the USATestprep website.

Spanish Test Passages and Answers
Due to popular demand, we not only have test questions in Spanish, but we now have the answers and passages in Spanish as well.
New Website

Earlier this month, we launched USATestprep’s redesigned, public-facing website. The front end of the website is now mobile-friendly. Your login and USATestprep account will remain unchanged.

Improved Progress Reports

These beefed-up reports now include Class Dot Rank. See at-a-glance average class performance by standard. View the Progress Reports with or without the practice questions and by date range.

Tablet-friendly Game

Dance, Dance, Robot (DDR) has been updated and is now tablet-friendly. To challenge more students, DDR has been expanded to offer three levels of difficulty.

New Teacher Resource Page

To make it easier to use, this page has been divided into Online Resources, Printable Resources, and Projector Games. Videos can be found and previewed with ease now, too.

Student Calendar View

In addition to the original List View for Assignments and Suggested Practice, students may alternatively opt to display these items in Calendar View.

New Reviews

We’ve recently added a high school level Health review that is aligned with the National Health Education Standards. Additionally, you will find AP Psychology and AP Chemistry. Check the new course offerings for your state by clicking here.

Just because it’s October doesn’t mean we can’t offer anything new. We’re happy to offer the following new reviews for you and your students!

Advanced Placement (all 50 states)

  • AP Human Geography
  • AP World History


  • Grade 3 Science (CoS)
  • Grade 4 Science (CoS)
  • Grade 5 Science Aspire
  • Grade 7 Science Aspire


  • Earth Science (NGSS)
  • Life Science (NGSS)
  • Physical Science (NGSS)


  • Accelerated Analytic Geometry B/Advanced Algebra
  • Forensic Science SLO


  • Physical Science (IowaCore)
  • Geometry (IEOC)
  • Life Science (IEOC)
  • Chemistry (IEOC)
  • Algebra II (IEOC)
  • Probability & Statistics (IEOC)
  • Matrix Algebra (IEOC)
  • English Language Arts (IEOC)


  • Grade 11 Mathematics (NeSA-M)
  • Grade 11 Reading (NeSA-R)

Other New Reviews

  • Idaho High School: Biology EOC
  • Kentucky Middle School: 7th Grade Science
  • Louisiana High School: Chemistry
  • Missouri Elementary School: Grade 3 Science
  • North Carolina High School: Advanced Functions Modeling
  • South Carolina High School: World Geography

You can request a FREE trial for any of these that are available in your state. Just give us a call or an email!

USATestprep is happy to offer review materials for World Literature/Composition (SLO).   If you’re interested in subscribing or signing up for a FREE 7-day trial, call or email us!

USATestprep has many new review materials for Michigan, both for middle school and high school.

Middle School

  • 6th Grade ELA
  • 7th Grade ELA
  • 8th Grade ELA

High School

  • Algebra II
  • Integrated Math III
  • English III

If you’re interested in subscribing or signing up for a FREE 7-day trial, call or email us!

Every August we archive some data in order to provide you with the best possible site performance. Click on this link to see the document that explains this process, and let us know if you have any questions.

We’re happy to announce new review for West Virginia.

West Virginia High School General Summative Assessments (SBAC)

  • ELA Grade 9
  • ELA Grade 10
  • ELA Grade 11
  • Math I
  • Math II
  • Math III

If you are interested in ordering or would like a FREE 7-day trial, just call or email us today.

Tennessee teachers: we have new reviews to help you get your students ready for the TNReady tests in 2016.

Tennessee Middle School (TNReady)

  • 6th Grade ELA
  • 6th Grade Math
  • 7th Grade ELA
  • 7th Grade Math
  • 8th Grade ELA
  • 8th Grade Math

Tennessee High School (TNReady)

  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • Geometry
  • Core Math I
  • Core Math II
  • Core Math III
  • English I
  • English II
  • English III


If you are interested in ordering or would like a FREE 7-day trial, just call or email us today.

Have we been busy this summer, South Carolina? Yes. Yes we have. Check out the new reviews we have ready for you for the 2015-2016 school year.

South Carolina Elementary (SCCCR)

  • Grade 3 ELA
  • Grade 3 Math
  • Grade 4 ELA
  • Grade 4 Math
  • Grade 5 ELA
  • Grade 5 Math

South Carolina Middle School (SCCCR)

  • Grade 6 Math
  • Grade 6 ELA
  • Grade 7 ELA
  • Grade 7 Math
  • Grade 8 ELA
  • Grade 8 Math
  • English I
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry

South Carolina High School (SCCCR)

  • English I
  • English II
  • English III
  • English IV
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Pre-Calculus

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