3 Learning Systems in 1

Classroom Mode, Personalized Learning Mode, and Assessments Mode

Use one mode or use all three — you decide what works for your classroom!

"USATestprep has been the answer to the ever-evolving needs of my students. It provides all of the tools I need for remediation, extension, test prep, daily bell ringers, lessons, and much more. Its ease of use makes it accessible for everyone." -Quinn Schnabel, Diplomat Middle School, FL

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Classroom Mode is the easiest mode to get started with USATestprep.

Classroom mode gives teachers access to our resource bank where they can find bell ringers, videos, display class prompts, download printables, and more!

Want a quick walkthrough of Classroom Mode? Email us at demo@usatestprep.com or find out more on our Classroom Mode.

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Assessment Mode allows teachers to build customized, formative, and summative assessments to check mastery of standards.

Our assessment builder has a diverse item bank, item analysis, the ability for you to author your own questions and provide individualized remediation, and more!

Want a quick walkthrough of Assessments Mode? Email us at demo@usatestprep.com or find out more on our Assessments Mode.

Personalized Learning Mode website Header

Personalized Learning Mode lets students start taking control of their own learning paths and journey with USATestprep.

Students can find any standard and practice independently at their own pace with instructional videos, vocabulary, multiple-choice questions, and performance tasks.

Want a quick walkthrough of Personalized Learning Mode? Email us at demo@usatestprep.com or find out more on our Personalized Learning Mode.

"USATestprep is such an essential tool in ensuring that I meet the needs of all the different students in my classroom. The program provides pre-assessments that allow me to differentiate my instruction, and my formative and summative assessment to ensure that all my students get the most from the lesson. The remediation tools are vital to ensuring my students who are struggling master the standards." -Dianne Owens, Wilcox County High School, GA