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Assessments mode is all about standards mastery and unlocks a wealth of data. Our item bank has thousands of state standards-aligned questions--written by veteran teachers--that form the building blocks for anything from a three-question quick check to a 10-question mid-week quiz or a 30-question end-of-unit summative.

You can provide individualized remediation with two clicks for all students as well as see an item analysis that breaks down how each student performed, by standard.

Question Types

  • Multiple-choice
  • Short answer
  • Free response
  • Two-part
  • Technology-enhanced
  • Author your own
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Common Assessment

Users with admin access will be able to view data from all teachers and students who were given the assessment.

The first set of data that is given on the assessment results page is the test average. Users are able to see how students performed in each domain and standard that was assessed. It is broken down by standard so that teachers can determine which areas might need to be retaught or where students are ready for enrichment. This data can be separated by class by choosing individual classes from the drop-down menu on the left side of the page.

Data Tabs

Across the bottom of the assessments results page are four tabs with data.

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The Remediation tab is one of the most highly rated features on the platform because it uses the data from the assessment to determine each student’s lowest three standards and creates individualized practice activities for students.

The Remediation tab uses USATP’s universal color key to show teachers how each student performed in each domain and standard that was assessed. This information can be downloaded into spreadsheet format to be uploaded into data warehouses. The majority of users use this page to assign individualized remediation to students.

In the top right corner of the Remediation tab are two links for teachers to use. The Assign Individual Weaknesses link opens up to allow teachers to choose how many standards they would like for students to receive extra practice. Teachers can choose one, two, or three weak areas. Teachers will select a start and end date for the remediation, and they can choose for all students or only selected students to receive the remediation.

The other link on the Remediation tab is the Assign Average Weaknesses link. Teachers can see at a glance, the top three areas of weakness based on overall class data. The teacher can choose to assign additional remediation in one, two, or all three of those standards as well.

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This tab opens with a bar graph displaying the question numbers and the percent correct for all of the teacher’s classes. The Item Analysis can be sorted by question number, domain, standard, DOK, and percent correct. Most users prefer to start by sorting by percent correct. This will sort the page to start by showing the user the questions that the students missed the most. Teachers can click on the View link by each question to see the correct answer, the explanation for the correct answer, and how students answered the question. This is a great tool to understand distractor rationale and see which incorrect answer choices the students chose over others.

In addition, teachers can also see which students answered the questions correctly or incorrectly. This feature is used often to place students into groups or for allowing teachers to hand-select the students they would like to answer the question after the assessment is complete.

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This data set shows teachers which date the student completed the assessment, how much time the student spent working on the assessment, and the student’s score. Teachers can click the View button next to any student’s name to see that particular student’s assessment to see how they answered each question.

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This tab shows teachers how their grades fell into 10% increments from 0-10% to 90-100%. This is an at-a-glance view to show peaks and valleys in the assessment scores.

Green Dot Challenge

The data that is collected from an assessment is also populated in the class and individual student progress reports. This data can be used to set goals and targets for our popular Green Dot Challenge which is explained HERE.

We help every student master the standards by giving teachers rigorous, standards-aligned learning materials along with the tools for personalized learning and remediation.

There are three ways teachers can use USATestprep. Use one or mix and match all three. It's up to you!
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