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Classroom Mode is the easiest mode to get started with at USATestprep!

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USATestprep offers a wealth of daily classroom resources designed to save teachers time and support student growth! Many of our classroom resources can still be used even if your students do not have access to a device. We often hear these resources referred to as “The First Day of School” resources because teachers do not have to have classes or student accounts created to access these activities.

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Teachers can find these resources by hovering across the top of the page and selecting the grade level or content area. Enjoy!
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Display a single question of your choice as a warm-up activity or ticket out the door. You can choose from multiple-choice, short answer, or free-response questions.

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Students answer standards-aligned questions while teachers watch students’ progress in real-time. For added fun, teachers can display student progress in race mode!


Assign or print open-ended questions for students to practice their writing skills.

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Access performance tasks, including matching, labeling, classifying, and ordering.

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Give an assessment or practice questions to your entire class using only a computer and projector.

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Utilize our standards-aligned, instructional videos, including brief comprehension questions for each one. This is an excellent way to reinforce content when the teacher is out of the classroom or when students are working independently.

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Choose from hundreds of printable classroom resources. Our resources include labs, Venn diagrams, matching, practice problems, flashcards, vocabulary activities, and puzzles.

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Students love our standards-aligned classroom games. Transform your class into a game show with our fun team-based games such as Think or Swim, or a Jeopardy-style review game in which all students work together in groups to answer standards-aligned questions for the standards you select.

We help every student master the standards by giving teachers rigorous, standards-aligned learning materials along with the tools for personalized learning and remediation.

There are three ways teachers can use USATestprep. Use one or mix and match all three. It's up to you!
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Can we help? We're happy to offer a demo or even a quick screen share to walk you through any of our resources. Contact us at 1-877-377-9537 or