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Personalized Learning Mode is where the magic happens! Assign independent practice--by standard--to your students with just two clicks. Students are able to practice independently at home or at school, on any device, at their own pace, with access to instructional videos, vocabulary, multiple-choice questions, and performance tasks. Students can even practice without having anything assigned to them from a teacher, taking control over their learning.

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How It Works

Across the top of the homepage, students will select their content from the drop-down menus. This will take them to the test landing page.

Once the student goes back to the test landing page, he or she can click on any standard to open a menu of resources. While students can work in any order and complete the activities as many times as needed, USATestprep has the resources lined up in a scaffolded approach.

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We recommend that students start by watching the videos. The videos are brief, mini-lessons taught by former teachers that have guiding comprehension questions. The videos are a great way to build background and activate prior knowledge.

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Next, we recommend moving to vocabulary. The vocabulary resources are used for helping the students grow more familiar with the academic language of a standard.

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After vocabulary, we recommend having the students practice with multiple-choice questions. The questions can be selected based on difficulty so students can work their way from beginner to advanced level questions.

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And finally, students can complete the performance tasks. These are higher-order thinking questions that require the students to take their learning past the multiple-choice level and manipulate the content in a variety of tech-enhanced questions. USATestprep also offers crossword puzzles as an additional resource for student practice. The puzzles are optional and do not count towards the student’s completion of the standard.

Green Dot Challenge

Personalized Learning Mode and The Green Dot Challenge go hand-in-hand. The GDC encourages teachers to set individualized learning targets and goals for each student to work on in and outside of class. The resources found on the student test landing page are the same resources used to work towards the goals and targets. You can learn more about the Green Dot Challenge HERE.

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The bar for each standard will start to fill based on completion. Students will begin to see green checkmarks showing their progress, but the students can always practice more in the section by clicking the “Try Again” link.

Parent-Teacher Connection

Personalized Learning Mode is a great way for teachers to build a connection with parents about ways to supplement classroom learning at home. Parents can see which standards their child has been working and which standards could use some additional practice.

We help every student master the standards by giving teachers rigorous, standards-aligned learning materials along with the tools for personalized learning and remediation.

There are three ways teachers can use USATestprep. Use one or mix and match all three. It's up to you!
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