Florida Elementary School Practice for Home Use

600+ FSA Practice Questions and Video Lessons - Students Can Gain up to 1 Year’s Growth!

Florida-Specific Practice
For Grades 3-5

Aligns with the actual questions your child will see on his/her FSA tests.

Laser Targeted for Elementary School
Students Can Gain Up to 1 Year’s Academic Growth.

Allow your child to practice the areas where he/she most needs to improve.

What Does My Child Get?
Access FSA Practice Anywhere, All Year.

12 months of access to over 600:

Practice questions
Instructional videos
Educational games
Vocabulary-enforcing puzzles

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses
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Track your child’s progress to see where he/she needs the most help.

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English - Language Arts (ELA)

  • Grade 3 Language Arts FSA
  • Grade 4 Language Arts FSA
  • Grade 5 Language Arts FSA
  • Elementary School Writing
  • Math

  • Grade 3 Mathematics FSA
  • Grade 4 Mathematics FSA
  • Grade 5 Mathematics FSA
  • Science

  • Grade 3 Science
  • Grade 4 Science
  • Grade 5 Science SSA
  • Social Studies

  • Grade 3 Social Studies
  • Grade 4 Social Studies
  • Grade 5 Social Studies