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6th Grade

Grade 6 English Language Arts EOG (GSE)
Grade 6 Mathematics EOG (GSE)
Accelerated Math 6/7A (GSE)
Grade 6 Science (GSE)
Grade 6 Social Studies (GSE)

7th Grade

Grade 7 English Language Arts EOG (GSE)
Grade 7 Mathematics EOG (GSE)
Accelerated Math 7B/8 (GSE)
Grade 7 Science (GSE)
Grade 7 Social Studies (GSE)

8th Grade

Grade 8 English Language Arts EOG (GSE)
Grade 8 Mathematics EOG (GSE)
Grade 8 Science (GSE)
Grade 8 Georgia Studies (GSE)


9th Grade Literature and Composition EOC (GSE)
Algebra I EOC (GSE)
Geometry EOC (GSE)
Accelerated Algebra I / Geometry A (GSE)
Analytic Geometry EOC (GSE)
Coordinate Algebra EOC (GSE)
Biology EOC (GSE)
Physical Science EOC (GSE)


Middle School Writing
NAEP Grade 8 Reading
NAEP Grade 8 Mathematics
Romeo and Juliet
PSAT Reading
PSAT Writing and Language
PSAT Mathematics

Testing Information

Georgia's most current standards are the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) in math and English Language Arts. The GSE are replacing the Georgia Performance standards in science and social studies. Some subjects require middle school students take the Georgia Milestones End of Grade (EOG) tests in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. These include math, science, ELA, and social studies. When a class does not have an EOG, students are required to take assessments to measure progress in Student Learning Objectives (SLO) for that course. Eighth graders must also take the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) tests math and reading.