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6th Grade

6th Grade ELA (CCSS)
6th Grade Math (CCSS)

7th Grade

7th Grade ELA (CCSS)
7th Grade Math (CCSS)

8th Grade

8th Grade ELA (CCSS)
8th Grade Math (CCSS)
NAEP Grade 8 Reading
NAEP Grade 8 Mathematics

Other Tests

Algebra I (CCSS)
Citizenship Test
Middle School Writing
Romeo and Juliet


I teach 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. I've used the program for students who miss a class, I've used it as a center to practice or introduce new material and I've used it as a review tool. My parents love it because their child does not have to get behind just because they are absent, my administration loves it because it makes individualized instruction very easy, my kids love it because it helps them identify their weak areas, and I love it for way too many reasons to count!
-- Wendy Bashinski, Lockhart Middle School