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Teachers: Getting Started with USATestprep

Learn how to create an account, set up classes, create assessments and assignments, and access the teacher resources page for online, printable, and projector materials. Includes level 1 USATestprep Teacher Certification option.

Training is available upon request. Email to request a webinar, free of charge.

Administrators: Getting Started with USATestprep

Account administrators have access to school-wide data and they have administrative rights. In this training, we will customize account settings, upload students and teachers to the platform, and access school-wide progress reports all within the admin portal. Optional step: Pass the knowledge check at the end of the webinar to receive your Level 1 USATestprep Administrator badge and certificate.

Training is available upon request. Email to request a webinar, free of charge.


Question: Should more than one person from my school attend?

Answer: As every teacher and classroom is different, we strongly encourage the attendance of all USATestprep users from your school.

Question: Where can I get more help resources when I am using USATestprep?

Recent Webinars


Berrien HS
Berrien High School, Georgia

Dr. Lacey Wynn

"I have thoroughly enjoyed ALL your professional learning webinars. Thank you so much for helping me understand how to utilize USA Test Prep to ensure my students are successful on the Biology EOCT. I appreciate all you do."

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 10.57.19 AM.png
Staley High School, Missouri

Math teacher

"THANK YOU! Many of my Intermediate Algebra students have told me they really prefer the autonomy GDC to “traditional” math classes. I really appreciate the PD support of USATP."


Becca Headshot copy.jpg
Becca Baker

USATestprep Program Trainer

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Valerie Pitrof

USATestprep Program Trainer