About Us

Our "By Teachers - For Teachers" approach provides the best and most focused support for the teacher in the classroom.

USATestprep, LLC is recognized as a nationwide leader in curriculum resources and test preparation for high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools.

We have been helping students with high-stakes tests since 1998, and we offer a multitude of review products for subject area end-of-grade, end-of-course, graduation level, career readiness, and college entrance assessments. Our programs are tailored to both individual state and/or Common Core standards.

Two Million Users

With 2 million students using our products each school year, including more than 75% of high schools students in Georgia and nearly 70% in South Carolina, we are a trusted leader in the industry, as judged by teachers, administrators, and parents.

Supporting the Teacher in the Classroom

USATestprep's approach is designed to help the teacher help the students. Whether we're writing questions to assess a specific state standard, making a reporting feature that helps teachers identify student weaknesses, or adding a new game that gets students excited about using the site, we always take great care to ensure that each new feature engages the students and is easy to implement by the teacher.

Still Teaching

Most of our employees are former teachers who understand what it takes to be in the classroom every day. As educational developers, we feel we are still teaching – just in a different way.

Meet Our Teachers!