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  • Questions 2,369
  • Vocabulary Terms 145
  • Performance Tasks 196
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Test Standards

  1. (EI.1) Proposition
  2. (EI.2) Support
  3. (EI.3) Focus
  4. (EI.4) Logical sequence
  5. (EI.5) Introductions, conclusions, transitions
  6. (EI.6) Precision
  7. (EI.7) Concision
  8. (EI.8) Style and tone
  9. (EI.9) Syntax
  1. (EC.1) Sentence boundaries
  2. (EC.2) Subordination and coordination
  3. (EC.3) Parallel structure
  4. (EC.4) Modifier placement
  5. (EC.5) Verb tense
  6. (EC.6) Verb voice/mood
  7. (EC.7) Pronoun person/number
  8. (EC.8) Possessive determiners
  9. (EC.9) Noun agreement
  10. (EC.10) Pronoun clarity
  11. (EC.11) Pronoun-antecedent agreement
  12. (EC.12) Subject-verb agreement
  13. (EC.13) Frequently confused words
  14. (EC.14) Logical comparison
  15. (EC.15) Conventional expression
  16. (EC.16) End-of-sentence punctuation
  17. (EC.17) Within-sentence punctuation
  18. (EC.18) Possessive nouns and pronouns
  19. (EC.19) Items in a series
  20. (EC.20) Nonrestrictive and parenthetical elements
  21. (EC.21) Hyphenation conventions
  22. (EC.22) Unnecessary punctuation

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