ACT-EXPLORE Reading Practice Test

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Main Ideas and Author's Approach20%
Supporting Details20%
Sequential, Comparative, and Cause-Effect Relationships20%
Meanings of Words20%
Generalizations and Conclusions20%
  • Questions: 3,077
  • Two-Part Items: 2
  • Vocabulary Terms: 183
  • Performance Tasks: 120
  • Instructional Videos: 50

Test Standards

Main Ideas and Author's Approach
1. (MIAA.1)  Recognize Intent
2. (MIAA.2)  Main Idea/purpose
3. (MIAA.3)  Main Idea/purpose
4. (MIAA.4)  Overall Approach
5. (MIAA.5)  Clear Main Idea/purpose
6. (MIAA.6)  Main Ideas/Purposes
7. (MIAA.7)  Events/Ideas Harder Passages
8. (MIAA.8)  Overall Approach
Supporting Details
1. (SD.1)  Locate Basic Facts
2. (SD.2)  Details In Sentences, Paragraphs
3. (SD.3)  Function Of Part Of Passage
4. (SD.4)  Locate Details
5. (SD.5)  Simple Inferences About Details
6. (SD.6)  Important Details
7. (SD.7)  Minor/subtle Details
8. (SD.8)  Discern Details
Sequential, Comparative, and Cause-Effect Relationships
1. (SCC.1)  Chronological Position
2. (SCC.2)  Clear Cause-effect Relationships
3. (SCC.3)  Main Characters
4. (SCC.4)  Clear Cause/effect
5. (SCC.5)  Sequences Of Events
6. (SCC.6)  Clear Relationships
7. (SCC.7)  Cause And Effect
8. (SCC.8)  Order Events
9. (SCC.9)  People, Ideas, Etc.
10. (SCC.10)  Characters, Ideas, Etc.
11. (SCC.11)  Implied/subtle Cause-effect Relationships Between People, Events, Etc.
12. (SCC.12)  Cause And Effect
Meanings of Words
1. (MW.1)  Familiar Words
2. (MW.2)  Basic Figurative Language
3. (MW.3)  Fig/Non-fig From Context
4. (MW.4)  Any Word, Phrase, Etc.
5. (MW.5)  Use Context
Generalizations and Conclusions
1. (GC.1)  Simple Generalizations
2. (GC.2)  People, Ideas, Etc.
3. (GC.3)  People, Ideas, Etc.
4. (GC.4)  Main Points
5. (GC.5)  Subtle Generalizations
6. (GC.6)  People, Ideas, Etc.