2nd Grade ELA ACAP (CoS) Practice

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  • Questions 702
  • Vocabulary Terms 115
  • Performance Tasks 82
  • Instructional Videos 84

Test Standards

  1. (RL.2.1) Ask and Answer Questions
  2. (RL.2.2) Message, Lesson, or Moral
  3. (RL.2.3) Characters in a Story
  4. (RL.2.4) Rhythm and Meaning
  5. (RL.2.5) Structure of a Story
  6. (RL.2.6) Points of View
  7. (RL.2.7) Characters, Setting, and Plot
  8. (RL.2.9) Compare and Contrast
  1. (RI.2.1) Ask and Answer Questions
  2. (RI.2.2) Main Topic
  3. (RI.2.3) Connections
  4. (RI.2.4) Words and Phrases
  5. (RI.2.5) Text Features
  6. (RI.2.6) Main Purpose
  7. (RI.2.7) Images
  8. (RI.2.8) Reasons
  9. (RI.2.9) Compare and Contrast
  1. (W.2.1) Write Opinions
  2. (W.2.2) Write Information Texts
  3. (W.2.3) Write Narratives
  4. (W.2.5) Revising and Editing
  5. (W.2.6) Digital Tools
  6. (W.2.7) Shared Research and Writing
  7. (W.2.8) Answering a Question
  1. (L.2.1) Grammar and Usage
  2. (L.2.2) Capitalization, Punctuation, and Spelling
  3. (L.2.3) Language and Conventions
  4. (L.2.4) Words and Phrases
  5. (L.2.5) Word Relationships

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