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3rd Grade Science (CoS) Practice

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  • Questions 638
  • Vocabulary Terms 125
  • Performance Tasks 52
  • Instructional Videos 29

Test Standards

  1. (PS.3-1) Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
  2. (PS.3-2) Patterns of Motion
  3. (PS.3-3) Force Interactions
  4. (PS.3-4) Magnets Solve Problems
  1. (LS.3-5) Characteristics of Life
  2. (LS.3-6) Life Cycles
  1. (LS.3-7) Inherited Traits
  2. (LS.3-8) Traits and the Environment
  1. (LS.3-9) Fossils Explain the Past
  2. (LS.3-10) Adaptations for Survival
  3. (LS.3-11) Habitats, Populations, and Survival
  4. (LS.3-12) Solving Environmental Problems
  1. (ESS.3-13) Seasons and the Weather
  2. (ESS.3-14) Climate Around the World
  1. (ESS.3-15) Solutions to Weather-related Hazards

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