Kindergarten Social Studies (CoS) Practice

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  • Questions 222
  • Vocabulary Terms 0
  • Performance Tasks 21
  • Instructional Videos 16

Test Standards

  1. (K.1) Schedules, Calendars, Timelines
  2. (K.2) Responsibilities
  3. (K.3) Rules
  4. (K.4) Needs and Wants
  5. (K.5) Goods and Services
  6. (K.6) Individuals and Families
  7. (K.7) Leaders and Helpers
  8. (K.8) Maps
  9. (K.8) Land and Water
  10. (K.10) Directions
  11. (K.11) Symbols and Customs
  12. (K.12) Families and Communities

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