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AP English Language & Composition Practice

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  • Questions 1,866
  • Vocabulary Terms 139
  • Performance Tasks 146
  • Instructional Videos 59

Test Standards

  1. (RHS.1.A) Rhetorical situation
  2. (RHS.1.B) Audience and occasion
  3. (RHS.2.A) Introductions and conclusions
  4. (RHS.2.B) Audience
  1. (CLE.3.A) Claims and evidence
  2. (CLE.3.B) Purpose
  3. (CLE.3.C) Claims qualified
  4. (CLE.4.A) Develop paragraph
  5. (CLE.4.B) Thesis statement
  6. (CLE.4.C) Qualify claim
  1. (REO.5.A) Line of reasoning
  2. (REO.5.B) Explain organization
  3. (REO.5.C) Methods of development
  4. (REO.6.A) Develop line of reasoning
  5. (REO.6.B) Transitional elements
  6. (REO.6.C) Use methods of development
  1. (STL.7.A) Word choice
  2. (STL.7.B) Clauses and ideas
  3. (STL.7.C) Grammar and mechanics
  4. (STL.8.A) Words, syntax, comparisons
  5. (STL.8.B) Convey ideas
  6. (STL.8.C) Grammar and mechanics