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Chemistry (CoS) Practice

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  • Questions 946
  • Vocabulary Terms 110
  • Performance Tasks 75
  • Instructional Videos 47

Test Standards

  1. (Chem-1) History of Chemistry
  2. (Chem-2) Isotopes of Elements
  3. (Chem-3) Periodic Table
  4. (Chem-4) Intensive and Extensive Properties
  5. (Chem-5) Chemical Reactions
  6. (Chem-6) Concentration of Solutions
  7. (Chem-7) Ideal Gases
  8. (Chem-8) LeChâtelier’s Principle
  1. (Chem - 9) Intermolecular Forces
  1. (Chem-10) Kinetic Molecular Theory
  2. (Chem-11) Energy in a System

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