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Physical Science (CoS) Practice

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  • Questions 856
  • Vocabulary Terms 159
  • Performance Tasks 87
  • Instructional Videos 50

Test Standards

  1. (PS-1) Properties and Trends of Elements
  2. (PS-2) Behavior of Gases
  3. (PS-3) Chemical Reactions
  4. (PS-4) Acids and Bases
  5. (PS-5) Conservation of Matter
  6. (PS-6) Half-life and Radioactive Decay
  1. (PS-7) Analyze Motion
  2. (PS-8) Newton's Laws of Motion
  3. (PS-9) Momentum
  4. (PS-10) Series and Parallel Circuits
  1. (PS-11) Conservation of Energy
  2. (PS-12) Energy Transformations
  1. (PS-13) Mathematical Relationships and Waves
  2. (PS-14) Safety of Electromagnetic Radiation
  3. (PS-15) Waves Transmit and Capture Information

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